#1 What is Daphne?


About Daphne

Daphne is a web-based software that builds on Microsoft's dot Net application development platform and uses a server-side operating systems.

It can be installed on your own server system. It uses the Windows Server operating system and SQL Server database software as a technical requirement.

Daphne can work with multi-branches, so it can also run as a cloud system on the server where it is installed.

Daphne users do not need to install software other than an Internet browser on their computers.

It is used with a Chromium-based browser. For example, Chrome, Opera, Brave etc., and is not compatible with Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox.

Daphne is about your business management system. Quality Management is a core that is at the center of the business. Quality management is integrated and related to all other business processes. That's why Daphne offers a wide range of software solutions. These include document management, quality control, human resources, customer relations, equipment maintenance, risk management etc. Daphne has hundreds of forms for your management system in all this scope. Mipsis Software offers Daphne in its whole form and does not sell it module by module.

Daphne can be used with tablets with great ease, but it is not suitable for use with cell phones. Few functions such as approving documents, answering surveys and quizzes can be used with a cell phone. So we need bigger screens.

Bottom line, as a user of the software, you will experience that it becomes your company's memory and knowledge repository.