#7 Reporting System 2


Reporting System 2

List type reports were very easy because we didn't have to design a form.

Form type reports are a bit different, we need to design a form.

Let's look at this with an example.

In the form type reports, we use numbers starting with @ in the SQL Script tab. These are variables that allow us to store field values.

"<%RecID%>" is a special keyword and refers to the record ID number of the form. The report calls this numbered record and assigns it to variables.

In the HTML script tab, let's study the form prepared for this report.

We see numbers starting with %. These numbers allow the values assigned with SQL query to be retrieved to the form.

In this example, we want to show the bill of materials list of a product.

By using INNER_REPORT keywords, we bring list type reports.

We also use the FILTER keyword in the report as it will only show the list related to this product.

You can use the INNER_REPORT keyword as the options shown. We recommend that you also review the examples in the existing reports.

Let's see What the Product form report looks like. You see a report output called master and details.