#6 Reporting System


Reporting System

We will talk about a simple and effective reporting system developed by Mipsis.

Using a simple HTML based text editor, we can create SQL reports from any relational database.

We can send these reports by e-mail to the people we choose on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Now we will create a simple list-type report of the products.

Let's enter the SQL Queries and Reports screen, from the Information Technologies tab.

Press the New button and give a report name. Save it.

We enter the SQL code of the report in the SQL Script tab in the form detail.

You can use standard SQL expressions in this section. As an exception, the Order By keyword cannot be used.

The phrase in quotes after the as keyword, contains a notation that we can use to rename the column headers and set their width.

The second tab is about the appearance of the report. Using standard CSS Script we can change the appearance of the reports as we want.

The third tab, HTML Script is an editor where we can design the format of the reports.

In list type reports "<%TableGrid%>" displays the prepared report.

Let's edit the format, place it in a frame, and add a title.

Fourth tab, we can code the report using Java Script. We mostly use it for sorting function in column headers.

Similarly, we can customize the print button. If you are not an expert, you can copy this tab from another report.

In the last two tabs, we specify to whom we will send the report output.

Now let's see the report output. Click on the Output Preview link in the Green menu.

That's all we do!

Each report has an identification code. We call it a UID code.

You can share your reports with URL lines and UID codes.

We have learned how to prepare list type reports, in the next tutorial we will see how to prepare form type reports.