#10 Notice Message Rules


Notice Message Rules

In this last tutorial about Daphne system management, we will see how the Daphne triggered warning message system works.

We want to send warning messages to specified people and in a specified format when an insert or update database operation is performed on a table.

First, we need to define the message we will send.

In the e-mail Template tab, we prepare the message view.

Similar to our reporting system, we query the field values we want and fill them into variables.

We use database triggers to detect changes in the tables. Although it may seem complicated, we usually use a very similar SQL script.

The code is almost the same except for the table names and Rule UIDs.

Preparing and creating the database triggers requires SQL experience and expertise.

Finally, we need to prepare the recipient list. If there is a fixed recipient, add it to the list in the Receivers tab.

If the recipient list is determined by the record ID of the table,

In the Bulk receivers tab, we need to write a query that will retrieve the email addresses of the persons concerned.

See the sample query. The email addresses of the document owner and the person who sent the message are retrieved.

Our notification message is ready now.

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