#37 Meetings Management


Meetings Management

Meeting management is one of the most important forms of Daphne. It allows not only to keep meeting notes but also to make assignments and follow up on these assignments.

Not only for strategic decisions, you should use this module when making a decision and assigning tasks as a result of problem-solving studies, risk analysis, and audit records.

You should define meeting types and meeting rooms in advance. Let's look at the definitions of Meeting Room.

The meeting room may be physical or virtual.

In the meeting type editing screen, you can define participant groups.

On the Meeting Notes screen, you must enter the time and meeting location, meeting type, and Agenda fields.

The meeting note will be entered during or after the meeting.

The Attendee List can be filled automatically according to the default values in the meeting description.

The Decisions & Assigned Tasks tab is an important tab where decisions are noted and task assignments are made to responsible persons.

Let's examine the Task detail.

We call this Action management. Action management is the process of tracking how people are progressing with their actions. An action is something that somebody needs to do generally by a certain date.

You can take note of what was done related to the task.

You can associate meeting records and task assignments with reference records. Thus, questionability and traceability will increase.

You can associate your meeting by adding reference documents.

You can remind those responsible for their tasks with custom-designed reports and email alert triggers.