#8 Form Numbers


Form Numbers

Let's see what we can do to generate an automatically given ID number in a form.

Go to the Form numbers screen in the Descriptions Tab.

You see the list of SQL tables used in the application.

Form Numbers must be of alphanumeric field type as prefixes and suffixes can be added.

There are Triggers defined in the database, named in Trg_TableName_Number format, responsible for assigning numbers to tables. These triggers can be customized by anybody with SQL knowledge.

Form Record Numbers also allows us to assign reports to the report buttons on the forms.

In Daphne, there are two report buttons per table. These are in Record lists and edit forms.

The UIDs entered are the reports that the buttons will run.

If the button UIDs are empty, the application looks for a report with the same name as the form name in Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Service.

If you are using SSRS you need to prepare the reports yourself.

We are using our own reporting system.