#35 Audit Records


Audit Records

Before starting to use the audit form, you should prepare predefined audit questions by grouping them according to their subjects.

Click on the Audit Subjects and Questions link in the Audit Records menu.

Let's edit a subject in the list.

You see the list of questions for the topic "Context of the Organization". You can edit the questions and add new ones.

Now let's create an audit record.

Press the New button on the Audit records screen.

Enter a short description of the audit and other header information. In the form detail, you should select the audit topics. The selected topics will prepare the list of questions in the audit form. Let's select a few topics.

Press save button.

You see that questions are added to the checklist. Let's answer a question.

Let's answer the other questions similarly.

While you can use the printout of the audit form, you can perform mobile audits with the help of a tablet.